Disconnect to connect

Disconnect your WiFi and Data.

Connect with yourself.

Disconnect your WiFi and Data.

Connect with yourself.

Why is it important to connect to yourself?

We live in a world of perpetual connectedness. Modern devices allow us the luxury of connecting to the world to a seemingly never-ending stream of information, entertainment and stimulation. But this connectivity comes at a cost. In our “always-on” society, we are bombarde with constant emails, notifications and distractions and rarely find a moment to listen to the most important voice of all – our own.

How can this experience help you?

SWITCH OFF is a tool that will give you a few precious moments of peace. Short, soothing videos serve as guided meditations that will calm your mind, relieve anxiety and leave you feeling reinvigorated and refreshed. Perhaps most importantly, these guided meditations will only play when your device is in offline mode, which means there will be no distractions on your journey of self-discovery. So find a quiet corner, take a few deep breaths and savor a moment of absolute peace. You’ve earned it.

Welcome to a world

of peace and quiet


Journey Into the Universe

Quiet your mind


Decompress Your Body and Mind

Trust the journey


Unwinding Your Mind

Feel yourself drift


Drift Your Mind Away

Let you worries go


The Disconnecting Power of Counting